Here at TC Distributing we carry sit-on-top style kayaks like the Cruiser Kayak that are designed for recreational use by people of all ages and abilities. These kayaks have excellent performance and stability and are great for ponds, lakes, or slow moving rivers. They are also very comfortable and make for a nice, leisurely ride. Our kayaks come with a molded-in beverage holder, finger grips, and a high speed hull to reduce drag. All of our kayaks come with a 3 year warranty.

We also carry a range of kayak accessories. Our kayak repair kit is perfect for emergency repairs to your boat or kayak. You can also get replacement kayak paddles that are 8 feet long and are easily assembled and disassembled, making for easy use and storage.

If you are looking for a more stable kayak for rougher waters or for beginners, we also carry the Wave Armor Kayak Stabilizer Kit. This kit comes with polyethylene floats that sit on the water on either side of your kayak or canoe to prevent capsizing.

Check out our boat dock accessories for mooring your kayak when not in use.

Cruiser Kayak
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Kayak Paddle
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Repair Kit
Stabilizer Pole Kit
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